Divinity @ US-Uther
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ArmorySync for Guilds

You're about to start ArmorySync for the guild Divinity.

By doing this, all data for all characters of this guild will be overwritten
with details from Blizzard's Armory. This can only be undone
by uploading a current CharacterProfiler.lua.

Do you want to start this process yet??

ArmorySync v2.7.1.474 by Ulminia
Thanks to tuigii, zanix, ds and Subxero for testing, translating and supporting.
Special thanks to kristoff22 for the original code of ArmorySync and Pugro for his changes to it.


ArmorySync Debugging Infos
Line Time Class Function Info Status
427 0.0002 ArmorySyncJob _checkAuth Checked authentication OK
137 0.0002 ArmorySyncJob _checkEnv Checking environment OK
143 0.0002 ArmorySyncJob _isRequiredRosterVersion Check required Roster version OK
148 0.0002 ArmorySyncJob _isRequiredArmorySyncVersion Check required ArmorySync version OK
168 0.0003 ArmorySyncJob _showStartPage Printed start page OK